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Dec. 3, 2016 Periscope cave - second trip It was a windy morning with the plume blowing towards LEH, but we returned to Pe... Tehnuka Ilanko Thomas Schaefer Toby Fischer edit
Dec. 1, 2016 Periscope cave - first trip Headed out after a weather morning to find Periscope. We drove up next to Tramwa... Tehnuka Ilanko Thomas Schaefer Toby Fischer edit

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Name WGS84 decimal degrees (SRID:4326) WGS84 UTM Zone 58S meters (SRID:4326)
Northing Easting Northing Easting
Periscope A -77.51971 167.12416 1394302.73266 551232.67222
Periscope B -77.51982 167.12512 1394289.62633 551255.372385
Periscope C -77.51956 167.12317 1394320.32589 551209.409842

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Periscope cave A entrance photo
Periscope cave B entrance photo
Periscope cave C entrance photo


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