Rabbit Hole

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Date Title Preview People
Dec. 7, 2009 Rabbit Hole recce trip Recce trip to Rabbit Hole. Nelia Dunbar Aaron Curtis Laura Jones Bill McIntosh Harry Keys Jed Frechette Nial Peters edit
Dec. 28, 2000 Rabbit Hole One large entrance, 2 much smaller holes to the right side <1m diam each. Way... Nelia Dunbar edit

Entrances (add new)

Name WGS84 decimal degrees (SRID:4326) WGS84 UTM Zone 58S meters (SRID:4326)
Northing Easting Northing Easting
Rabbit Hole A large entrance -77.51839 167.13217 1394442.9411 551431.136288
Rabbit Hole B -77.51775 167.13053 1394515.75501 551394.18617
Rabbit Hole C -77.51775 167.132 1394514.46709 551429.631739
Rabbit Hole D -77.51764 167.13197 1394526.76131 551429.354264
Rabbit Hole E -77.51731 167.13064 1394564.73039 551398.621063
Rabbit Hole F -77.51661 167.12969 1394643.63101 551378.547781

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rabbit-hole_survey from 2000

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Rabbit Hole system A entrance photo
Rabbit Hole system B entrance photo
Rabbit Hole system C entrance photo
Rabbit Hole system D entrance photo
Rabbit Hole system E entrance photo
Rabbit Hole system F entrance photo
Rabbit Hole B entrance, icicles in room downhill from entrance
Rabbit Hole E entrance, hoar crystals in the entrance


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