Logbook entry: DistoX calibration and ablation stakes installation (2009-12-08) at Hut cave system

About happenings on Dec. 8, 2009, wrote:

Nial and Aaron managed to calibrate the DistoX after one unsuccessful attempt (only a few of the readings were transferred to the PDA). 104 readings later, PocketTopo reported an evaluated error of 0.46 . Harry put in ablation stakes in various parts of the cave, marked AS1 through AS7.

AS1 - 124mm AS2 - 146mm AS3 - 81mm AS4 - 110mm AS5 - 123mm AS6 - 122mm AS7 - 109mm + 11m rime

Aaron installed and started a Campbell datalogger with two thermistors and a Telaire CO2 logger. The CO2 logger and thermistor number 01211116 was placed just at the entrance to a hole strongly blowing warm air near the floor of the chamber near B entrance. Thermistor 0121117 was placed near the center of the chamber. Both thermistors were mounted by threading through aluminum stakes with holes drilled near the top.

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