Logbook entry: Derodome reconnaissance (2009-12-09) at Derodome

About happenings on Dec. 9, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Derodome has a mini-tower on the surface. Climbing up onto exposed lava next to the tower, Harry, Nial, and Aaron were able to peer directly into the tower's narrow opening (~ 0.3m diameter) but not able to gain access to the tower. Facing downhill, they climbed down some slippery clear ice to the left of the tower, and looping around they found a small hole in the ice which led to the chamber below the tower. It had to be slightly enlarged to remove a thin overhanging hanging lip and was a ~1.5m climb down. No clear discrete vent was found, but a a tinytag on a nail was left in the center of the floor.

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