Logbook entry: Recconaissance to Heroine Tower (2009-12-09) at Heroine Tower

About happenings on Dec. 9, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Nial, Harry and Aaron stopped at a previously unnamed tower on their way down Ice Tower Ridge. There was a small hole in the side which would have required a ladder, so we knocked through the thin ice several feet below it to create a climb-in entrance.

The tower was quite remarkable inside, with hoarfrost "feathers," "angel's pubes," etc. Due to it's proud and feminine nature it was dubbed "Heroine Tower." A crack in the middle of the chamber had [fixthis] a high airflow vent. A tinytag datalogger was placed in this crack. Harry measured the crack air at 19.7 degrees with his thermometer watch.

Aaron collected the following biological samples: - Sucrose lysis buffer sample of hoar feathers - R2A sample of hoar feathers - Fe Mg sample of hoar feathers - Glutaraldehyde sample of hoar feathers - R2A sample of soil - Sucrose lysis buffer sample of soil

Afterwards, the entrance was re-sealed with nearby ice.

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