Logbook entry: Shooting gallery reconnaissance (2009-12-09) at Shooting gallery

About happenings on Dec. 9, 2009, Nial Peters wrote:

Continuing down Ice Tower Ridge on their recon trip, Aaron, Nial, and Harry began to enter increasingly towerified territory. Ice from living and dead ice towers mingled, and what looked like old collapsed ice caves confused the situation further. In front of one large tower was a hole which the cavers enlarged slightly and were able to climb down into (after discussing uncertainly the question of whether it was climb-out-able).

To the left was a ~15m by 10m room dominated by a giant lava ledge with a meter-wide crack in it, running the length of the room. Aaron installed a tinytag in that room.

Exploration to the right revealed a branching system of passages that connected several ice towers. The cavers resolved to map the new discovery, dubbed Shooting Gallery.

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