Logbook entry: Campbell logger installation (2009-12-21) at Heroine Tower

About happenings on Dec. 21, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Five skidoos and two sleds loaded with 580 lb of batteries, a coffin, antennas, poles, cables, and assorted gadgetry set off into the clag from LEH at around 4pm for Heroine Tower on Ice Tower Ridge. On arrival Aaron opened the ice door that had been placed a week earlier (quite well sealed). The campbell datalogger with ultrasonic anemometer and Vaisala CO2 sensor was placed along with 9 108Ah 12V batteries inside the Tower. A temporary antenna mast was erected just outside the entrance with a Scala antenna on a pole supported by a rock cairn. At this point the weather on ice tower ridge was beautiful. Everyone returned home via the clag and wind which was waiting just to the north.

Edit: beforehand, Bill, Nial and Aaron measured the current draw of each component of the device. Results were:

Campbell only: 20 mA Campbell + display w/ backlight: 120 mA Anemometer: 100mA Freewave: 180mA CO2: 230mA Campbell relay: 50mA

in summary, SW12V on: 580mA SW12V off: 200mA

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