Logbook entry: Mapping Kachina (2009-12-22) at Kachina Cave

About happenings on Dec. 22, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Nial and Aaron started a DistoX / transit survey of Kachina Cave around 3pm. Three legs later, they had been seduced by fame and were being filmed by the BBC. Escaping around 8pm, they returned to the hut for dinner.

After dinner, they returned to Kachina and finished the survey lickity split (i.e. by 3am). They also put in two Tinytags -- one at the far end of the huge crack room, and one in vent below the little tower. The hobo datalogger in the "Herzog Room" was restarted (it had been disturbed during BBC filming.)

Aaron also measured the CO2 in the entrance room vent, which maxed out the meter (1% by volume).

Nial also drilled an ice core, C04, in the side of Kachina. It was over 3m long but finally broke through the inner wall. Aaron collected two gas samples from the vent in the main room, one in a small bag and one in a large bag.

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