Logbook entry: Ice coring and gas sampling in Harry's Dream (2009-12-27) at Harry's Dream

About happenings on Dec. 27, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

NOTE: date uncertain. Might be 25, 26, or 28.

Weather was pretty murky, but Aaron and Nial skidooed out to Harry's Dream to collect an ice core and gas samples. Aaron managed to take a wrong turn and buzzed off towards Fang Ridge. Nial stopped at the turnoff until Aaron came to his senses and turned around.

When they made it to Harry's Dream, Aaron found a way inside and took three gas bags (1 old big, 1 new big, 1 old small) while Nial started coring C07. Aaron came out and traded off. Coring went slowly as it felt like the auger wasn't cutting in to the ice much of the time. Weather was constantly cold and windy, and clouds were rolling through. Eventually coring hit something hard and a little gravel was visible in the core. At this point they decided to call it quits and pack up the core. Packing up in the wind was cold!

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