Logbook entry: Mapping Shooting Gallery (2009-12-30) at Shooting gallery

About happenings on Dec. 30, 2009, Aaron Curtis wrote:

After a variety of delays (sleeping until noon, calling MCM network people about IP addresses, getting drafted for helicopter loading) Nial and Aaron set off to map Shooting Gallery around 3:30pm. They stopped at Heroine Tower to try and update the IP address on the freewave for the datalogger there. It was noted that the freewave was showing two red lights i.e. no connection to building 71. Aaron terminaled in to the freewave using a palm pilot running "CS-Online" but the connection kept breaking. They gave up, pulled out the freewave and packed it to fix it back at the hut.

The weather was beautiful and the Shooting Gallery entrance was surprisingly easy to find, considering the low visibility debacle of the day before. The team shot a few legs and then headed home for dinner (steak!).

After dinner (10pm), team cave grabbed two Scandics and sped back out to Shooting Gallery, finished mapping it, and got back around 3am. They sat around drinking beer and tea and Aaron wrote this logbook entry.

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Hm, was this when we downloaded the Tinytag? I'm assuming that was on a separate trip, later, since the timeseries extends to 3 Jan. Should have kept better records on this. — Aaron May 24, 2010, 3:54 p.m.

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