Logbook entry: Measurement of temp profile into wall (2010-01-01) at Warren Cave

About happenings on Jan. 1, 2010, Aaron Curtis wrote:

- Bad weather in the morning. - Afternoon: setup crater cam on MEVO site - After dinner: went to Warren cave alone, started condensate collection and campbell & DTS download, resurfaced to help Clive and Tehnuka with Midac. Extremely steamy and steady stream of water dripping - Back down cave, took ice temp profiles with thermocouple, packed up and headed back to hut, home 1:30 am. - On the way back, found my brown gloves on trail!

4 April 2015: - Looking back into (small marbled) logbook, appears that thermocouple only made it 15cm into wall. Temperatures were: 0.4C @ 5cm, -4.2C @ 10cm, -5.6C @ 15. Entry is titled "Warren alone 3 Jan" which conflicts with the date entered in the database version of this entry.

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