Logbook entry: DTS cable installation in Warren Cave (2010-12-15) at Warren Cave

About happenings on Dec. 15, 2010, Aaron Curtis wrote:

One of the trips to install a fiber optic distributed temperature sensing system in Warren Cave. Some airflow and CO2 measurements were also taken using our Draeger X-am 7000.

Entrance: 6500ppm CO2

Ostrich Hall: 1.06 m/s 89.5% Rh 6500ppm CO2

V3: 3.40 m/s 88.5% Rh 7200ppm CO2

V1: Meter not cooperating, 89.3% Rh 7000ppm CO2

V2: 1.73 m/s 88.6% Rh 9400ppm CO2

note: V1 and V2 switched when recording notes. Corrected when doing data entry here.

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