Logbook entry: Checking on hobo and tourist trip for visitors (2011-12-21) at Helo Cave

About happenings on Dec. 21, 2011, Aaron Curtis wrote:

- Alan from MEC and Alan from FEMC came up at 8:45 to install water filtration and deal with brakes and skid on unnamed scandic. Turned out there was a crack in suspension as well. We cleared the garage, moved the snow machine in there and hoisted it up using rope and a ratchet strap. Alan demonstrated how to remove the entire suspension. - Went to change grey barrel with Jed. Grabbed another scandic, noticed odd rattling noise in engine, showed Alan. He said the clutch was going and we arranged for another to be sent up. - Took the Alans and Gaetano to Hut Cave. Hobo in back of cave had melted out, and had water sloshing around in it.

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