Logbook entry: Gas sensor calibration and gas inventory (2011-12-22) at LEH

About happenings on Dec. 22, 2011, Aaron Curtis wrote:

30 kts, on and off visibility. Setting up Cathedral CR1000. Ip address chosen is . Testing vaisala G3040017 with 2.5% co2 -- can go up to 4%, depending on pressure. Using G312002 pressure transducer determined that at around 1000hPa, sensor shows 2500ppmv. In ambient air (627.7hPa) in garage, reads 62ppmv. Down to 9ppmv using N2 calib gas.

Checking logger current draw. 0.072A w/ nothing. 0.08 w/ barom. ~0.18 to 0.26A adding CO2

Went through the gas bottles in the garage. 3 empty. Lots of expired CO2 and N2, still full, plus this year's new CO2x2 and N2x1.

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