Logbook entry: Fixing rim power (2011-12-31) at

About happenings on Dec. 31, 2011, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Beautiful day. I was in the hut before 8am. Nels, Meghan, Dave, Phil, scheduled to work on Nels' tephra project, and Phil scheduled to go down and work with SkyTam. So I had noone to go caving with and was assigned along with Nial to drive down to Fang when Andy Young was heloed into Fang to fix Kitten who had been abandonded there after breaking down. We were to help him and then drive Kitten and the original skidoo back up after Andy was heloed back to McM. However, a deck started to develop, threatening flights after the tephra team got down and Andy got up, so Andy went straight back to McM, skipping Fang mission, and tephra team came back up early. Instead of going to Fang, I worked with Nial to fix the 120V power to the rim. This consisted of walking up and down the cable poking a multimeter into it. Eventually we found a charred and broken section of cable underneath the walking path. We came down for a snack and to get tools etc and went up and fixed it.

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