Logbook entry: gaining access to warren (2012-11-25) at Warren Cave

About happenings on Nov. 25, 2012, Aaron Curtis wrote:

- Drove up to LEH, arrived 8am

10am - Tony, Alasdair, Sune, Aaron --> Warren

Rigged via right side entrance. Some cornice to remove, icy lip even after that. Went back to entrace to big cold passage, but it was extremely tight. Reichstag area had new large entrace, right by snowmobile parking. Looks like we use that with a rigid ladder next time instead of rapelling. Reichstag area changed completely. V confusing, couldn't get to the big rooms on that side.

3pm - Tony, Brad, Hubert, Alasdair --> Warren

Went down same entrance, looked for bio stuff.

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