Logbook entry: Ice tower ridge datalogger maintenance (2012-12-03) at Sauna Cave

About happenings on Dec. 3, 2012, wrote:

Left for ITR (Tim & Aaron) @ 9am. Went in Heroine. Most batteries < 1V, few 1 to 3V. Pronounced dead. Left 1 batt on solar charge.

Went uphill to Heroin, went in. No datalogger, brought back nail.

Down to Shooting Gallery,picked up datalogger marked "Shooting" from crack room. Found Excalibur Picket!

Checked out Sauna.

Went back for lunch.

Came back out, Tim dropped into rear ent. of Sauna. Went down, pulled both loggers.

Back to LEH, Phil's b-day @ upper hut.

TODO: Contains multiple caves

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