Logbook entry: Beginning of 3D DTS installation (2012-12-08) at Cathedral - Mammoth Cave System

About happenings on Dec. 8, 2012, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Underground about 11am in Mammoth. Checked other end of Cathedral cave, no light reflection past a few meters. Downloaded some data from DTS for Mammoth, but had to set it to record w/o pause so no time for comms. Tim & Sune put up ice screws in cinemax for crazy spiderweb DTS rig.

Aaron cut cathedral cable, moved DTS further into cave. Moved bucket also to try and thaw (this is slish bath at was left in all year). Searched for warmest vent -- it is 13.8C, right near entrance. Cable didn't reach, so put @ 5C vent instead of by DTS. Went back for dinner, left laptop in cave.

[notes from notebook 2] Entrance vent photo 0625, 626. Tim found rocks with metallic lustre, gold and blue.

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