Logbook entry: Hut Cave trip (2013-12-07) at Hut cave system

About happenings on Dec. 7, 2013, Nial Peters wrote:

Quick trip to hut cave to photograph the changes this year and to try and find Harry's ablation stakes. All the ablation stakes are gone, but we did find the left-overs of the data logger in the small chamber beneath the ice tower. The cave is fairly similar to previous years, but Winter Wonderland is now devoid of ice crystals and the small chamber below the ice tower has melted out a lot - it now has a large vent in the floor beneath the ice tower and there is no snow slope to the top of the tower any more.

It was possible to squeeze through the constriction in the Blue Room into the chamber beyond. This is the chamber that has looked like a collapsed lava tube segment in previous years, but that was not evident this year. The large open entrance that used to be in this room was closed over and there was a lot of hoar frost crystals (very pretty!).

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