Logbook entry: TLS of far area and Iris Chamber (2013-12-12) at Warren Cave

About happenings on Dec. 12, 2013, Aaron Curtis wrote:

Began the day with two scans downhill in Warren, ending at the climb up onto lava toe beyond which there is stooping passage. These were the furthest extent scanned this year and it's only about half of the distance to the end of explored extent of the cave in this direction, but scanning becomes nearly impossible for the next section.

We came back out and went into the western section of the cave, at the "other side" of the ladder entrance, (now called Iris Chamber after a large melted hole between two sub-chambers in the shape of a human iris) and conducted several scans with a loop closure in that area.

Detailed notes, including temperatures, CO2 concentrations, etc. are in Aaron's write-in-the rain notebook which is currently missing (as of 30 Oct 2014).

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