Logbook entry: First G-411 ITR sampling trip (2015-11-28) at Shooting gallery

About happenings on Nov. 28, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Left LEH around 11 am and drove to Cones then up eastern side of Ice Tower Ridge. Left snowmobiles and walked around - Lyra scoped out a couple of possible ice tower entrances that would need ropes, Heroin/Heroine.

Drove back down, across ridge and to western side just south of Shooting Gallery. I went into a single passage cave, possibly part of old Shooting Gallery system? Left a soil probe with four Cu tubes on intake and a glass vial on outflow about 1/3 of way in, where a large chimney projected upwards (I wonder if due to a vent in the ground). Soil probe only went in about 2”. Ground temperature taken with temperature probe varies from what seems to be about 23C near entrance (we guess due to being warmed by the sun) to about 17C in the warm ground, to 11C near the probe but taken right after we disturbed the soil. Took CO2 flux meter to crawlspace at back of passage – opening seems to continue but narrow and inaccessible.

Tobias and Lyra found another cave (also probably part of Shooting gallery?) S 77deg 32.004’; E 167deg 06.368’. It was shaped like a blob and will for now be called ‘the blob’. Tight entrance opening out with an open roof, then a crawl through into a large circular chamber with a dome-like roof. They set up one pump box with four Cu tubes and one glass vial. This was in the afternoon, maybe around 3 pm. They also found a path to the left that may go down into Shooting Gallery (of which this chamber could be a part).

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