Logbook entry: ITR sampling and walkaround (2015-12-03) at Shooting gallery

About happenings on Dec. 3, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Drove up to near Heroin and parked skidoos. Lyra used two skidoos to anchor so we could belay her towards the hole that Tobias had fallen in. Looked v deep in places but full of snow, and followed around a ridge in the snow/ice that was visible externally, right on edge of skidoo route. Suspect more similar holes around. Lyra plans to flag around it.

Returned to Shooting Gallery, which until this point we'd been calling Kachina based on Lyra's assessment that the tower looked like a Kachina - on return of internet, I checked the caves database online. Regretted inability to communicate w Aaron & co.

Pulled out the passageway tubes after Tobias changed the Blob battery and tubes. Invented the Heimlich crimp technique due to wrist issues. Still painful but gets crimping done. Then got Lyra who waited outside while I picked up the other tubes from the back chamber. Took half an hour, tried measuring hole depth again while in there. Got to 2.3 m and think fairly reliable. RH was 88% (not sure whether to trust it), T up to about 11.7C, and airspeed 5.4 or so ms-1. Felt cooler but was also cooler outside. Still very melty. Estimate back passage about 9 m x 3.5 m. Breezy outside and Lyra & Tobias getting cold.

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