Logbook entry: ITR warm ground walkaround (2015-12-03) at Warm ground, ITR

About happenings on Dec. 3, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

After Shooting Gallery trip, break in the Cones tomato, and checking out Tomato cave entrance, we drove up to start of steaming ground we found yesterday. Tobias measured 33C and set up a soil probe.

Not all ground is hot – some rocky. Tried to make a conservative set of GPS points walking around, but it continues uphill quite a way. Easternmost extent ends just before ITR, while on the west seems to end in a depression but then pick up again on other side. Took many photos. Camera looks battered from being dragged around caves. We did not follow all the way up

Afterwards drove down, crossed to eastern side, and up higher to more hot ground where Tobias set up another soil probe (wearing Tyvek etc.) – T was 54.7C. Plan to pull out tomorrow and I should do CO2 flux, just along path he walked in on. Requires crampons/at least plastic boots to walk up easily (must wear ice boots so that crampons work) – also gloves, Tyvek, etc.

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