Logbook entry: Hut Cave sampling (2015-12-04) at Hut cave system

About happenings on Dec. 4, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Headed out to Hut Cave alone this evening after dinner. Broke through the roof while looking for entrance near an ice tower (oops). Slid down an icy slope and got into cave. Could not get out that entrance immediately or find a viable alternative. One large passage leads straight on before curving around to right. Has a skylight. Another opening to right forms a smaller but still fairly wide passage with opening to left connecting to the large passage, and further on an icy chimney (not a good way to climb out though) as well as a large snowy room to the left. Decided not to explore in case of falling into another hole.

Maybe should go back with crampons/ice boots. Found a hole in ground with T up to around 9.5C that seemed to have some gas coming out, so put a soil probe in with four Cu tubes and a vial. Started getting misty and smelly in cave (probably plume coming overhead) - wished had worn contacts rather than glasses.

Tried to climb out of hole after breaking the surrounding softer ice with axe but slipped several times – radioed Lyra to say I’d be late and she reminded me to cut steps. Got out not too long after! Hope easier entrance tomorrow with crampons to retrieve the box. Cave much icier inside than the ITR ones encountered recently – wonder why…(more melting & freezing?)

Picked up two or three dessicant packets and a Nikon lens cap.

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