Logbook entry: ITR warm ground sampling (2015-12-06) at Warm ground, ITR

About happenings on Dec. 6, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Returned to ITR upper warm ground (I went on the back of Lyra’s snowmobile) where Tobias placed a new box with a titanium tube attached. Pump did not work until he swore at it(?) Suspect some loose connections. I took up the CO2 flux meter and he got a few points but one of the tubes came out twice and was hard to get back in due to the cold.

I thought he already had two boxes so did not bring a spare for the ice caves but turns out not – so we drove down on the south side of Derodrome/Kachina? etc and looked for entrances as planned, but did not go in.

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