Logbook entry: Tramway ASPA sampling (2015-12-10) at Tramway Ridge

About happenings on Dec. 10, 2015, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

We headed off later in the afternoon for Tramways.

Wasn’t sure of the ASPA area as did not have GPS coordinates but Tobias knew the area where he worked previously i.e. in the south side of the ASPA. Suited up in Tyvek with gloves and Lyra sterilised everything – Tobias put in a soil probe while I finished with this and then I took CO2 flux meter in.

Soil looked more clay-ey/soil-like in some parts. Left camera with Lyra as thought better not to take too much into ASPA – so no closeup photos from area. Temperature probed one site near our entrance to the area at 27.4C. Tobias almost lost one bag sample that blew/slid downhill but rescued it.

Home by 6 pm – only a couple of hours out. Saw some debris lying around ASPA – probably bits of wood/insulation from Upper Hut. Picked up small bit of wood but did not attempt to retrieve anything off our walking path.

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