Logbook entry: Hut Cave sampling trip 1 (2016-11-26) at Hut cave system

About happenings on Nov. 26, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Evening trip to set up a sampling probe. Tom checked four possible entrances from outside - the best was the one used last year (base of second closest tower when walking from LEH). He set a fixed line anchored to a picket so we could prussik in with ice axe and crampons. The weak area that was collapsing last year is thicker and it is possible to climb in without any of these.

We spent some time looking around. A small chamber back towards the hut, i.e. hard left on entering, seems to have expanded since last year. We didn't follow a crawlspace leading out of this though Tom stuck his head in and thinks it dead ends. A crack in this chamber was at about 9.5C.

The main passageway that I went into with Lyra last year has shrunk - ice has filled up part of it and the skylight is more closed up. My sampling site (turning right from the entrance) can still be accessed from both directions but there is a lot more fallen snow (with air/cracks/rock beneath) when approaching from the far side, with new entrances above. We didn't look at the passage hard right when entering, or the one that used to be full of snow further along from my sampling site. There are two small cracks at about 6-7C just below where we enter, and directly below the climb over to the corridor with the samling site.

Last year's vent was at 9.6-9.7C. I put in a sampling set up to start the time series (short steel tube with a pump, copper tubes, vial) and collected a bag for d13C isotope ratios in CO2.

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