Logbook entry: Warren - first trip (2016-11-30) at Warren Cave

About happenings on Nov. 30, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Went to Warren in the morning.

Missed the turnoff, very close to the hut, and had to drive back after going well past the Fang turnoff etc. Tom led us on a higher route rather than backtracking. We eventually joined up with the snowmobile route (probably driving over Warren in the process). Set an anchor and used climbing harnesses with Petzl stops to rappel in, with crampons and ice axes.

This entrance was the one to the left. We followed the main passage – one narrow crack the path went along had lots of heat coming out of it. We also saw a chamber with very smooth but crystalline ice walls.

We set up a probe (two steel tubes connected by silicone tubing) with Cu tubes and took a bag in what Tobias remembers to be vent 6. CO2 from the Testo was at 6000 ppm when I stuck it into the vent. Tom was able to get a GPS point, so tried calling on the satphone and it works - useful to know for safety.

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