Logbook entry: Periscope cave - first trip (2016-12-01) at Periscope

About happenings on Dec. 1, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Headed out after a weather morning to find Periscope. We drove up next to Tramway on the S side, and up to the cave. Tom went ahead to check the entrance and thought we’d need harness to be on the safe side. I suggested the side entrance, which turned out to be fine with a handline, but didn’t seem to go too far. I made a circuit by crawling through a couple of squeezes and returned to that entrance. We then came out and saw it was possible to access the main entrance via a side passage you could slide/climb in through.

Just inside there was a slope up, where Tobias found a vent at 21C. He put in a sampling set up. I continued to explore with Tom and found another area down and to the left with two branches leading off. The wider one had vents including one at 19C. The other twisted around and had interesting smells that Tom described as being like a hot spring, with which I agree. Following this led to the very first entrance we had tried. Tobias found another 19C site where we set up a second pump box.

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