Logbook entry: Warren cave - second trip (2016-12-02) at

About happenings on Dec. 2, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

An afternoon trip to Warren. We returned to the last sampling site (which Tobias thought was vent 6) and collected the samples & probe, then went looking for other vents.

We followed the passage left and found a room with an icy barrier that we climbed up on, and then a gentle soil slope into another chamber. There was ice on the left-hand wall, but a couple of vents near it. We scrambled down to them - one was rockier and higher up, the other was not evident until we turned around and had our backs to the wall. We measured temperatures at around 15C. I put a probe in with Cu tubes and blocked it up. I could again smell something like fuel on the way out.

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