Logbook entry: Hut Cave - fifth trip (2016-12-05) at Hut cave system

About happenings on Dec. 5, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

Evening trip. Tobias dealt with collecting samples and replacing tubes; Tom and I went looking for other vents and checked out the blue room to the hard left on entering.

Crawled up into a small, short passage on the right of this room. There were two options from here - a chimney/drop down into another room through a crack in rocks to the left, or a crawl down a small slope that kept going to the right but seemed also to double back beneath the passage and into the same room to the left. Tom took the first, and I the second, to join up into a large room with a lot of boulders. Tom got in first and didn't see any vents. There was some kind of skylight and it was quite bright. We left immediately and returned via the short chimney route and didn't check out the downwards slope leading off the other passage.

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