Logbook entry: Tramway Ridge (2016-12-05) at Tramway Ridge

About happenings on Dec. 5, 2016, Tehnuka Ilanko wrote:

We went out to Tramway in the late morning. We parked between the ASPA and Periscope, and Tom scouted out a walking path for us to the SE corner of the ASPA that didn’t involve any big holes, then returned to LEH.

It was quite windy from the SW. We staged gear on the snow then walked in after sterilising equipment & boots. We placed one probe near the E edge, where the soil temperature was 59C, and one near the S edge (by then then the thermocouple was broken, perhaps from the cold?) Hot areas looked more damp, though there was also dry altered soil that was cooler. Collected samples and each probe after an hour so as not to leave anything in the ASPA, and also sampled air in the site.

Encountered a few holes while walking between the staging area and the ASPA, as well as to where we parked - these were not too deep, but enough to trip us up.

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